4 Easy Acrylic Paintings for Beginners

Below, we have linked a list of easy acrylic paintings for beginners so you can get started on your crafting journey. 

Here are 4 Simple Acrylic Paintings You Can Try at Home

Take a look at some of the tutorials linked below and choose a design you’d like to recreate. At the end, we’d love to see your work in the comment section below.

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1. Acrylic Flowers Paintings

We love flowers as an easy acrylic paintings for beginners. Why? Because they are so vastly different and dynamic. Every flower has its own personality which gives the artist his/her opportunity to add their own creative touch.

Here, we have pieced together a step-by-step tutorial for just one potential flower piece. However, the potential is endless. Once you get a feel for acrylic flowers, the possibilities never stop.

2. Paintings of Birds in Acrylic

Whether it is watercolor, acrylic, goulash or any other painting medium, birds have always been a popular animal to get started with. Perhaps it is because of their colorful nature or different shapes and perspectives. 

With the help of others in the community, we’ve put together this tutorial to get you started in acrylics with this easy-to-paint bird tutorial.

3. Acrylic Landscape Paintings

Beginners love to start with landscapes. Why? Because they are big, vast, and open to possibilities. With the multitude of objects, no landscape is ever the same and they give a plethora of practice to people who are just beginning as an acrylic painter.

In this tutorial, we tried to find a landscape that captured a lot of different elements so you could get the most practice out of it. Feel free to add your own variations so that you can be proud of it!

4. Acrylic Pouring for Beginners

Acrylic pouring is SO fun. Get ready to see painting like you’ve never seen it before. Admittedly, before we started acrylic pour painting, we had no idea what we were capable of as artists. This technique took everything we thought we knew about the medium and flipped it on its back.

Now, we’ve done our best to include many of the tips and tricks we’ve learned about this technique over time and make it into one encapsulating tutorial you can use to broaden your skill-base in acrylics.

Cool Acrylic Paintings to Start Today!

Those are just several ideas to get you started, but once you master the techniques of acrylic painting, the options open up to the world. With this medium, nothing is impossible and it’s only a matter of practicing. 

Make sure you keep checking this page in the future as we will add more easy tutorials to find periodically. We love having all tutorials before our eyes.

We hope you were able to find easy acrylic paintings you can try on your own and are eager to see the results of your efforts! Please, feel free to leave a photo of your finished work below and let us know if you’d like more tutorials in the future.

Happy painting 🙂

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